University of Oslo

As (co-)convener:

Individual lectures/sessions:

Seminars & Workshops:

  • MA Thesis Research Design (MA Poli-Sci / MA Peace & Conflict) 2021
  • Coffee & Coding (R Troubleshooting) (BA/MA) 2022
  • Introduction to R (two-day workshop) (PhD/Postdoc-level) 2021

Other institutions

  • Post-conflict political orders in comparison (BA; with Julia Strasheim), University of Hamburg 2014


  • Introduction to Data Analysis with R (PhD),
    Peace Research Institute Frankfurt 2019
  • Analyzing Political Economy Data in Aceh with R (BA/MA/PhD),
    ICAIOS centre, Banda Aceh, Indonesia 2018
  • Making Your Research Accessible: Data Visualization and Interactive Graphics (PhD),
    GIGA Hamburg 2018
  • Data Visualization for Political Scientists (PhD/Post-doc),
    University of Cologne 2018


Students who want me to supervise their MA thesis should send me a written exposé of 1.5-2 pages with the following information:

  • A clear research question that you intend to answer in your thesis. See this useful guide on how to find a research question in political science.
  • The theory you want to apply to answer your questions and, possibly, initial hypotheses.
  • An overview of the method you intend to use.
  • A (preliminary) list of data sources you want to consult to answer your questions.
  • A timeline for completion of the thesis.