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Police Reforms in Peace Agreements

Ansorg, Nadine / Haass, Felix / Strasheim, Julia. 2016. “Police Reforms in Peace Agreements, 1975-2011: Introducing the PRPA dataset.” Journal of Peace Research 53(4): 597-607.
[Manuscript] [Online Appendix] [Replication Data]



The rainfall package lets you download data on monthly average rainfall levels on a country level. The data comes from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

The package is available on GitHub where you also find more information on installation & usage.


The package recodepolity implements the corrections to the Polity IV dataset proposed by Vreeland (2008) and Plümper and Neumayer (2010). The authors orginally published replication data for their corrections which, unfortunately, only is current until 2008. recodepolity allows you to apply their corrections to all current and future updates of the Polity IV data.


I’ve developed the aiddata R package to access the AidData 3.0 API and download project-level information on development finance flows.

The package is not yet on CRAN, so you need to install it from GitHub. There, you’ll find more information on usage plus examples.

install_github("felixhaass/aiddata", dependencies = TRUE)


Here is a collection of gists that I uploaded on a bunch of miscellaneous topics, such as plotting peacekeeping troops to Africa, handling data on Game of Thrones character screen time, and analyzing US drone strike data. Maybe you’ll find something interesting.