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Peer-Reviewed Articles

Haass, Felix / Ansorg, Nadine. 2018. “Better peacekeepers, better protection? Troop quality of United Nations peace operations and violence against civilians” Journal of Peace Research Conditionally accepted.

[Manuscript][Replication Data][Online Appendix]

Bethke, Felix S. / Haass, Felix / Strasheim, Julia. 2017. “Konjunktur des Verantwortungsbegriffs in den Resolutionen des VN-Sicherheitsrates, 1946-2015” Politische Vierteljahresschrift Sonderheft 52: 287-310.

[Manuscript] [Online Appendix] [Replication Data]

Haass, Felix / Ottmann, Martin. 2017. “Profits from Peace. The Political Economy of Power-Sharing and Post-Conflict Corruption.” World Development 99: 60-74.

[Manuscript] [Online Appendix] [Replication Data]

Ansorg, Nadine / Haass, Felix / Strasheim, Julia. 2016. “Police Reforms in Peace Agreements, 1975-2011: Introducing the PRPA dataset.” Journal of Peace Research 53(4): 597-607.

[Manuscript] [Online Appendix] [Replication Data]

Ansorg, Nadine / Haass, Felix / Strasheim, Julia. 2013. “Institutions for Sustainable Peace. From Research Gaps to New Frontiers.” Global Governance 19(1): 19-26. [Editor reviewed]


Haass, Felix / Strasheim, Julia. / Ansorg, Nadine. 2016. “The International Dimension of Post-Conflict Police Reform.” In: Ansorg, Nadine / Kurtenbach, Sabine (eds.) Institutional Reforms and Peacebuilding, London: Routledge, 163-190.
[Replication Data]

Bergmann, Julian / Haass, Felix. 2009. “Institutionalisierte Ungleichheit in der Diskussion - eine kritische Betrachtung im Lichte des Roundtable zur Theodor Eschenburg-Vorlesung 2008“, In: Rittberger, Volker (Ed.): Wer regiert die Welt und mit welchem Recht? Beiträge zur Global Governance-Forschung. Baden-Baden: Nomos: 283-292.

Other Publications

Haass, Felix. 2017. Demokratie lässt sich nicht kaufen: Friedenskonsolidierung in Afrika. GIGA Focus Africa, 5.

Haass, Felix / Kurtenbach, Sabine / Strasheim, Julia. 2016 “Fleeing the Peace? Determinants of Outward Migration after Civil War” GIGA Working Paper No. 289.

Haass, Felix / Kurtenbach, Sabine / Strasheim, Julia. 2016. Fleeing the Peace. Emigration after Civil War. GIGA Focus Global, 2. (also available in German)

Ansorg, Nadine / Haass, Felix. 2016. “Country Profile: Germany.” Providing for Peacekeeping - Troop Contributor Country Profiles.

Haass, Felix / Ottmann, Martin. 2015. Buying Peace? The Political Economy of Power-Sharing. GIGA Focus International, 9.

Strasheim, Julia / Haass, Felix. 2014. Demokratisierung. Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Online Dossier: Innerstaatliche Konflikte.

Ansorg, Nadine / Haass, Felix. 2013. Multilaterale Friedenssicherung in Afrika. GIGA Focus Afrika, 6. [Additional data and graphics (blog post).]

Ansorg, Nadine / Basedau, Matthias / Haass, Felix / Strasheim, Julia. 2013. “Mind the Gap. An Annotated Overview of Datasets in the Study of Institutions and Conflict in Divided Societies.” GIGA Working Paper, No. 234.

Haass, Felix. 2013. Coordinating to build peace? Lessons from the U.N. Peacebuilding Commission’s engagement in Burundi. Winning Case Study of the United States Institute of Peace’s Case Study Competition.

Ansorg, Nadine / Haass, Felix / Mehler, Andreas / Strasheim, Julia. 2012. Institutionelle Reformen zur Friedenskonsolidierung. GIGA Focus Afrika, 6.

Haass, Felix. 2010. “Book Review: Alex J. Bellamy (2009) The Responsibility to Protect”, Die Friedens-Warte 85 (1-2): 209-211.